To help healthcare, public health, and other organizations center anti-racism and equity in their workplace culture and reduce health inequities in the communities they serve.

Health Justice leads with racial equity and uses an intersectional approach that recognizes the way that other systems of oppression such as sexism, homophobia and transphobia also contribute to health and social inequities. 

Health Justice achieves its outcomes through engaging presentations and talks, tailored online trainings, organizational equity analyses, and equity mentoring for leadership.


To create a world free of all systems of oppression where every human being and community is fully supported in achieving optimal health and well-being and where health inequities are non-existent.

Photograph of Dr. Oni Blackstock

Dr. Oni Blackstock, Health Justice’s Founder and Executive Director

Photograph by Akinfe Fatou

Core Values


Transformative change requires candid exploration, reflection and discussion about one’s own beliefs  and role in the systems and structures that perpetuate inequities.


Racism and other systems of oppression disconnect us from one another; connection to our own selves, one another, and community are needed to create a more equitable world.


Dismantling racism and centering equity in the workplace and the world takes time, effort, and an unyielding dedication to this vision.