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Organizational Equity


Health Justice conducts organizational equity assessments, taking a deep dive into an organization’s policies, practices, and culture to provide a baseline understanding of how the organization is doing with respect to the value of equity, in particular, racial equity. These assessments are often the first step in an organization’s long-term equity journey. 

Assessments typically involve one-on-one interviews and focus groups and/or surveys of leadership and non-positional leadership staff across the organization. They can also include review of written organizational policies and other relevant documentation.

Health Justice uses a rigorous process of triangulating data sources to produce a full and detailed picture of the organization. We provide tailored recommendations for the organization which can be leveraged for an organization-wide equity action plan. 

With an organizational equity assessment, your organization will receive:

  • A comprehensive and visually appealing report detailing the assessment findings and specific recommendations
  • Oral presentation of assessment findings and recommendations to organizational leadership and staff
  • Strategic session(s) with organizational leadership to help with prioritizing recommendations for implementation and next steps