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Health Justice leads with racial equity and uses an intersectional approach that recognizes the way that other systems of oppression such as sexism, homophobia and transphobia also contribute to health and social inequities.

We advance our mission through speaking engagements, tailored virtual and in-person trainings and workshops, organizational equity assessments, equity coaching, strategic planning and goal-setting support, and other forms of technical assistance.


To help healthcare and public health organizations center anti-racism and equity in the workplace and reduce health inequities in the communities they serve.


To create a world free of all systems of oppression where every human being and community is fully supported in achieving optimal health and well-being and where health inequities are non-existent.



Transformative change requires candid exploration, reflection and discussion about one’s own beliefs and role in the systems and structures that perpetuate inequities.


Racism and other systems of oppression disconnect us from ourselves and one another; cultivating meaningful connection will help to create a more equitable and just world.


Dismantling racism and centering equity in the workplace and the world, more broadly, takes time, effort, and an unyielding dedication to this vision.


  • I am very appreciative and thankful for the support of Dr. Oni Blackstock. Dr. Blackstock provided a wealth of information and was able to facilitate connections with providers and contacts. Not only was the information shared about the medical field extremely effective, she was a delight to work with, exuding a friendly, open and honest demeanor that encouraged a  meaningful exchange of ideas, critical thinking and thought-provoking questions.

    Janice R. McRae, Ph.D.

    Founder & CEO, Nexus 8 International LLC

  • Health Justice’s trainings provided NASTAD with the tools to identify and address components of racism and white supremacy in the organization and membership. The trainings were thorough, organized, and relevant. The trainers were able to provide real-world application of concepts that were discussed. NASTAD highly recommends Health Justice as a partner for any organization who wants to commit to their anti-racism and DEI goals.

    Stephen Lee, MD, MBA

    Executive Director, NASTAD

  • Dr. Blackstock led a 2-day workshop for our Department that was focused on racial equity and research. As a physician, scholar, and thought leader, Dr. Blackstock was the ideal expert to lead this workshop. Prior to the training, she met with us to understand the structure and culture of our department and to better understand our goals for the workshop. The workshop was empowering, thought provoking and inspiring. The training built a foundation for discourse about racism in academia and for cultivating changes in our current policies and research practices.

    Jamilia R. Sly, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor and Co-Director Program for Anti-Racism and Equity, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai