A selected offering of podcasts featuring Dr. Blackstock, Health Justice’s Founder and Executive Director.

The Clinical Problem Solvers Presents Anti-Racism in Medicine

Episode 10: “Counterspaces in Medicine: Creating Safe Spaces and Redefining Value”
July 14, 2021

In Fact with Chelsea Clinton

“HIV/AIDS and Stigma (with Peter Staley, Jonathan Van Ness & Dr. Oni Blackstock)”
April 13, 2021

British Medical Journal – Medical Humanities

“Where Race, Disparity, and Pandemic Collide: COVID-19 USA”

February 24, 2021

Vital Discussions with Derek Wolfe

“The Remarkable Career of Dr. Oni Blackstock”

February 20, 2021

Spotlight Trust Presents In Trust

“Medical Mistrust: From Past to Present – Shawn Demmons, Dr. Oni Blackstock, and Dr. Cynthis Gomez”,

January 12, 2021