A selected offering of sights and sounds from intverviews with and writings by and about Dr. Blackstock, Health Justice’s Founder and Executive Director.

Video & News Articles

Farren Fucci and Dr. Oni Blackstock Recreate Out’s First Cover

The content creator and Health Justice executive director represent a new generation of LGBTQ+ changemakers.

By Mikelle Street, June 29, 2022, OUT Magazine

Changemakers 2021: Working Toward Wellness

–R. Willis, Marie Claire, March 10, 2021


In Fact with Chelsea Clinton

HIV/AIDS and Stigma (with Peter Staley, Jonathan Van Ness & Dr. Oni Blackstock). April 13, 2021. 

The Clinical Problem Solvers

Episode 188: Antiracism in Medicine Series – Episode 10 — Counterspaces in Medicine: Creating Safe Spaces and Redefining Value.


Dr. Blackstock discusses her unique experience as a Black organizational leader, her research, inequity in healthcare/workplace, and equity solutions that can be taken and applied to any professional environment.

British Medical Journal—Medical Humanities

“Where Race, Disparity, and Pandemic Collide: COVID-19 USA” —Dr. Blackstock speaks about social justice, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights and the way the COVID-19 crisis has unequally affected marginalized communities.

Black Lives: In the Era of COVID-19

“Dr. Oni Blackstock on NYC’s Health Response”—Dr. Blackstock discusses the impacts of racism on health services, including the inequities in health outcomes and the parallels between her work in HIV prevention and treatment and the response to the novel coronavirus.

Selected articles 

February 19, 2021
“Opinion: Black Americans should face lower age cutoffs to qualify for a vaccine”. Oni Blackstock and Uché Blackstock, The Washington Post.

January 8, 2021
“”Serving the People Body and Soul”—Centering Black Communities to Achieve Health Justice”. Uché Blackstock and Oni Blackstock, JAMA Health Forum.