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An archive of selected offering of sights and sounds from interviews with and writings by and about Dr. Blackstock, Health Justice’s Founder and Executive Director.

Black doctors bravely battle COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

“All the work that I do is all just mission-driven, purpose-driven. It’s what I want to do for my community,” says Dr. Blackstock. The Grio, –N.S. Alford, September 17, 2021

“Opinion: We’re not calling out Nicki Minaj. We’re calling her in.”

Washington Post O. Blackstock & U. Blackstock, September 17, 2021

Democracy Now!

“Democracy Now!, Black People Face Higher COVID Infections & Deaths. Should They Have Lower Age Cutoffs for Vaccines?”—Democracy Now!, March 2, 2021


“Dr. Oni Blackstock Shares Why COVID-19 Is Killing Black and Latinx Folks in New York City”—T. Onyenacho, May 29, 2020